Alloy Wheel Repair

Damage from curbs, debris and other hazards can cause your wheels to lose their luster.

We recondition your wheels to give them back their original shine. Restore your car’s value, appearance and performance with onsite’s alloy wheel repair services.

Alloy Wheel Repair by onsite

Have you got a little too close to a curb and scraped your wheels up a bit?

Let us fix your alloy wheels. We have the ability to sand out and do minor fill work on average wheel damage. This service only applies to painted alloy wheels. It does not include two-tone colored wheels or machined face wheels. Fortunately, most wheels on the market today are painted alloy. Not sure what you have? Send us an email or text message with a picture and we can tell you!


We can come to your home or office.

No Reports

Get it fixed without a vehicle history report.


Restore your wheels to their original luster.


More affordable than a body shop.

If it is machined or two tone, we have a partnership with a reputable wheel company that can fix the more difficult wheels as well.

Bear in mind that it is more costly for those type of wheels to be fixed as they need to be taken off the car to fix—unlike finishing a regular painted alloy wheel that stays on the car for the repair. Let us restore your wheels back to new again and have you riding pretty!