Scratch Removal & Touch Up

Get that unsightly scratch off your car in no time.

Whether it’s a shallow blemish or a deeper scratch that needs wet sanding, we got you covered. Our team utilizes the latest techniques in paint matching and blending to return your car to its factory finish.

Scratch Removal by Onsite Autobody

Have a deep scratch or multiple scratches on your car and don’t know how to fix it?

Let the experts at Onsite Autobody help you! Our technicians have the ability to deal with any scratches that have not gotten past the clear coat of your paint. Whether we use our 3-step buffing system or we need to wet sand the scratch out and buff it back to its original glossy shine afterwards, we can handle the job.


We get the job done right the first time.

No Reports

Get it fixed without a vehicle history report.


We can come to your home or office.


More affordable than a body shop.

Does Your Bumper Need Replacement? We can fix that too!

If the damage is significant and you require bumper replacement, we can take your vehicle to one of our brick-and-mortar shops and replace your bumper there.

Do you have little rock chips with missing paint on your car?

Maybe door edges with missing paint from minor bumps? Let us touch them up and get them color-matched. We also protect those chips from harmful UV rays that can cause the metal underneath to rust in the future. Ask about the cost of this service when talking with one of our experts.