Headlight & Trim Restoration

Your trim can make a big difference in the look of your car.

Exposure to the elements takes its toll on the trim, and headlights can fade and lose their luster over time. Dim or broken headlights are dangerous on the road and can cause accidents at night or in the rain. Let us provide high-quality headlight and trim restoration services.

Headlight Restoration by onsite

After a while, headlights can start to look foggy or dull from the sun, age, and other factors.

In most cases, it’s only the exterior of the headlight that needs attention to make them look clear again. Some require a simple buffing compound and multiple stage buffing procedures. Other times it’s best to sand down the damaged surface and reclear the headlight, giving it a UV-protected surface that will protect the headlight for years to come. It’s a cost-effective process that makes a big difference to the appearance and safety of the car.

Before (TOP) | After (BOTTOM)


More affordable than a body shop.


Quicker than a traditional repair shop.


Increased visibility means safer driving.

No Reports

Get it fixed without a vehicle history report.


Trim Restoration by Onsite

Like headlights, the exterior trim pieces take a big toll from the sun, causing them to look old and dingy or discolored in general.

We use can restore the original, dark factory finish on rubber parts and hard plastics as well. It’s a great way to freshen up the look of your car and not be to hard on you wallet!