Bumper Repair

It’s the first line of defense against accidents.

When it comes to collisions, perhaps the most important barrier from sustaining serious damage is the bumper. Depending on the severity of the damage, our expert technicians can return your bumper to pre-accident condition.

Bumper Repair by OnSite Autobody

Whether your bumper has a small scratch, scuff marks or the whole corner is caved in, we have the ability to fix almost all types of cosmetic damage done to the bumper WITHOUT replacing it.

All paints, primers,and clear coats that we use are of the same quality that are used in a traditional body shop. Our repairs do not show on a carfax report thus not devaluing the price of your car.


More affordable than a body shop.


We can come to your home or office.

No Reports

Get it fixed without a vehicle history report.


We get the job done right the first time.

Does Your Bumper Need Replacement? We can fix that too!

If the damage is significant and you require bumper replacement, we can take your vehicle to one of our brick-and-mortar shops and replace your bumper there.

Hit the corner of your bumper pulling into the garage? Hit a concrete parking stop? Hit a curb? Back into shopping cart?

If you claim it on your insurance you will be looking at paying at least your deductible which in most cases is at least $500 and will show on a carfax report if you go through your insurance provider unless you pay out of pocket, which even in the simplest cases, cosmetic repairs will cost well over $500—and you won’t have your car for a week or MORE. Then add the rental cost on top of that. Not to mention the hassle of the whole ordeal.
At OnSite Autobody, we come to you! At a time convenient for you. All mobile repairs can be finished on that day. If it’s a bigger job not suited for a mobile repair and needs to be performed in a shop, we partner local brick and mortar bodyshops. Let us earn your business and save you time AND money. We are sure to be the best and most convenient solution for all your vehicle’s cosmetic needs!